Navigating Through the Valleys of Success


Every entrepreneur wants to achieve the American Dream of being successful, but many fail to realize that true success comes from life's darkest pits.  It is easy to be amazed by the super successful, Some of the successful people we admire today inherited their wealth, with plenty of room to fail upward. Some we admire are miserable because they lost their purpose.  You now have someone that is fresh from the valley who can vividly paint the picture of the journey it took to find the true meaning of success.  I acknowledge that everyone's life story is different but the formula is the same for those that choose to find their purpose in life as an entrepreneur.  

You will learn how God used personal tragedies, work related setbacks and failure to help me succeed.  What I thought was hurting me actually helped me.  Even in my missteps God chose me to win.  You will understand that God works through people to bring you out of the valleys as long as you submit to the creators purpose for you. You'll realize success is not only money or material.  God will supply you with the resources needed to succeed and tackle larger valleys.  Your faith earns his trust in you.  God's trust in you earns increase to deal with bigger valleys. Read on and find that there is hope for everyone if you are willing to climb.  True failure is quitting.


Cleon Joseph